How We Partner Together

How We Partner Together

The FOUND Process.

A lot of digital agencies act like short order cooks. While our ultimate goal is hot leads (and lots of them), we like to approach new challenges by really studying your business, audience, and what motivates them to action. Once campaigns are live, we are constantly watching, learning, and adjusting to wring every quality lead we can out of the internet.

Clear Line of Sight Method

With traditional media, it is difficult (if not impossible) to see a direct impact on your business, sales, or even brand recognition. Our methodology for approaching your digital marketing plan is what’s called “clear line of sight.” We’ll build your marketing plan so that we will be able to directly monitor and measure the impact of every action that we take, and every ad that we run. We feel using this course of action results in… well, results—results that your business will feel.

Deep Vertical Expertise

When you’re choosing an agency to work with, it’s always a good idea to pick one that can successfully market just about any product line, service, or B2B experience. That’s what you’ll find here, along with deep expertise in a number of verticals.

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Ready to Get Found?

Found Search Marketing has a long track record of success with a long list of happy clients who love to refer us business, which we believe is the ultimate measure of credibility and expertise. Basically, we know our stuff, and the companies we work with think so, too.