Data Management

What is Data Management?

Marketing activities generate huge amounts of user data. Data that requires proper management to make it digestible, actionable, and compliant with both domestic and international laws and regulations.

The right solution and service transforms your wealth of data into turnkey insights for your business.

A full picture of your marketing data across platforms, campaigns, and more can be difficult to come by. But it doesn’t have to.

FoundSM’s Marketing Data Management services provide the full-cycle data insights and analysis you need to make the right decisions for your business growth.

Our Data Management Consulting Services

The marketing experts at FoundSM provide a full range of services to improve your data management practice. Our specialties include:

Data Warehousing

Aggregate all of your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd-party data to begin real-time analysis of your full marketing environment.

Learn About Data Warehousing
Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Make sense of your complex marketing data with clear information visualizations and real-time dashboards.

Learn About Data Dashboards
Report Automation Services

Generate high-value, actionable reports to save you time and your company money.

Learn About Report Automation
Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your marketing data complies with local and international standards like the GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Learn About Regulatory Compliance

How Data Management Benefits Your Business

For too many companies, their marketing data is, at best, an afterthought. Unifying those highly valuable insights takes time and work to accomplish. However, for those willing to do the work, proper data management practices provide many key benefits. 

Better marketing data management can enable your business to:

  • Identify new potential markets to target for growth. 
  • Gain insights into your audience to update ICPs. 
  • Create a 360-degree view of your customer base. 
  • Target specific segments based on highly specific data. 
  • Ensure your company is compliant with stringent data privacy regulations. 

If you need help digesting your marketing data to enable these highly valuable benefits, FoundSM’s team of marketing professionals can help. We can unify and digest your data and help guide you to the best strategies to help you grow your business. 

FoundSM is proud to be a corporate member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). The DAA is a 5,500+ member organization focused on making the digital world better through the use of data.

As a data-driven organization, FoundSM is constantly looking at ways our employees can continue to grow and enhance their marketing skills. Our team learns new techniques and technology through DAA that we can bring to our client campaigns.

What Does Marketing Data Management Do For You?

Marketing data management is crucial for organizations of all sizes. Managing data goes beyond compliance to direct impacts for marketing campaign development from conceptualization to targeting and optimization

For businesses across industry sectors, marketers rely on their data management practices to :

  • Optimize their prospect segmentation for easily scalable marketing campaigns. 
  • Prevent data leakage to protect customers’ and prospects’ privacy. 
  • Improve campaign performance across open rates, CTR, conversion, and more. 
  • Reduce advertising costs to improve overall marketing ROI. 
  • Unify their data sets to gain a holistic picture of their marketing database. 
  • Prepare their marketing environment for programmatic advertising opportunities. 
  • Hold their marketing professionals accountable for ROI and other key performance indicators. 

For companies of all sizes, working with a Marketing Data Management Consultant can help you make data-driven decisions about your marketing practices. With the right approach to your marketing data, you can translate your wealth of data into direct impacts that improve your bottom line across business functions. 

As an agency committed to data-driven processes, FoundSM places a high priority on skills and professional development. Our team members learn the latest techniques and best practices to help your business stay compliant and productive when managing large amounts of marketing data.

FoundSM Advantage

FoundSM’s team of marketing experts doesn’t just leave you to try and manage the huge amount of your company’s modern marketing data. We take the time to help you generate a secure, productive data environment to enable your company to grow and succeed.

Our team of dedicated marketing pros is with you every step of the way to set you up for success through better Marketing Data Management. From warehousing and automation to developing dashboards and ensuring compliance, we are there for you.

Contact us today to learn more about which Marketing Data Management services would work best for your unique needs.

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