Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis Services

What is Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis?

Ad hoc reporting and analysis is a business intelligence process where reports are made for one-time use and created for a specific purpose or business need. These reports are generally designed to show the answer to a specific business question that is not available in regular enterprise reporting.

Most ad hoc reports are created by a business intelligence (BI) reporting tool, like Tableau, because they can present data quickly using data visualization or a dashboard. This empowers end-users to quickly make data-driven decisions as quickly as possible.

Ad hoc data analysis also tends to focus around a smaller amount of data as generally the purpose behind the report is very narrowed in focus and is easy for business users to understand and act on the information quickly.

We Can Help With All of Your Ad Hoc Reporting Needs

As more and more companies are gathering and dealing with large amounts of data, ad hoc reporting and analysis have become a necessity.

The pace at which businesses need to make decisions is rapidly increasing which makes it important for organizations to have the ability to quickly create reports and analysis.

Our team of marketing analytics experts is here to help make your data accurate, timely, and accessible with our ad hoc reporting and analysis.

Why is Ad Hoc Analysis Important?

Sometimes businesses need answers to questions quickly. For example, let’s say that your sales team wants more specific sales data located around a specific city or zip code, but your regular service reporting only offers national data and doesn’t go into this detail.

In this case, an ad hoc report can be built around the city or zip code for this small, specific data.

The goal of an ad-hoc reporting solution is intended to reduce the time it takes to make decisions and provide insights that don’t necessarily come through in your regular static reporting. This makes it a valuable resource for growing companies.

How to Set Up Ad Hoc Reporting

Ad hoc analysis begins with the connecting of all of the company’s critical information sources into a business intelligence tool or BI Solution. Once connected, report models can then be built for us to use to build your ad hoc reporting solution.

Then once the online dashboards are built, users can access their reports in real-time and are designed to facilitate ad hoc analysis. Users can also make adjustments to the dashboard through drop-down menus and drag-and-drop tools, which are common features of ad hoc reporting software.

If you have any questions during this process, our team is ready to help you!

Examples of Ad Hoc Reporting

A good ad hoc report is one that can help provide clarification of another existing report. These one-off reports can help a sales team to understand their sales prospects better or help a marketing team see which keywords are performing well in their ads and then use those keywords in other marketing initiatives.

Another good use of ad hoc reports can be to help identify a new market or potential revenue stream. There are a lot of different ways that can be used and why business leaders find them to be so valuable.

Benefits of Ad Hoc Reporting and Analysis

Here are a few different ways our clients have benefitted from our ad hoc reporting and analysis.

Saves Time & Training Costs

Since the data is streamlined and the tools are easy to use, you can quickly start seeing data and do not have to spend a lot of time going through training sessions on how to use a new tool.

Flexibility for Changing Environments

As businesses evolve quickly, so should their data sets. Having the ability to quickly create ad hoc reports as needed not only helps your company for the present but also prepares it for the future, as well.

Streamlines Decision-Making

Ad hoc reporting tools organize your data into an easy-to-read format which makes it simple to share across departments and allows organizations to reference the same data for decision-making.

Encourages Collaboration

Increase communication and collaboration across departments so strategies can be based around the same data with the same goals in mind.

Reduces Bottlenecks

In most organizations, reporting and data are often held up by internal bottlenecks. Eliminate bottlenecks by allowing our team of marketing analytics experts to review your data for you.

FoundSM Advantage

Our expert analytics team doesn’t just create another report for your business to view.

We help you understand that data so you can make valuable decisions based on actionable data.

FoundSM will assist you every step of the way through the process of a proper digital marketing analytics platform.

Everything from Google Analytics audits, to reporting, and marketing dashboards.

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