Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Make Sense of Your Complex Data

Data visualization is the graphical representation of your data or information in a pie chart, line chart, graph, or any other statistical graphics in order to display data in a visual format. Chart displays and other data interactive visualizations can bring your data to life to help you easily understand and comprehend the data.

What is Data Visualization?

Data is utilized by organizations, every day, to make vital business decisions. In order to make this process simpler, you need a clear and concise visual representation of your business’s big data.

With our data visualization and dashboarding services, we consolidate multiple data sources into clear information visualizations as a representation of data for current performance or forecasting for the future.

Why is Data Visualization Important?

Data visualization is important because it relates your data to a visual representation in order for you to quickly identify any trends and patterns, as well as concerns and areas to approve upon.

All of your data is available to you in a clear and concise snapshot to easily compare and share with people across all levels of your organization.

This increases communication between departments and helps everyone stay on the same page when it comes to your marketing strategies and the results that come from it.

FoundSM is proud to be a corporate member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). The DAA is a 5,500+ member organization focused on making the digital world better through the use of data.

As a data-driven organization, FoundSM is constantly looking at ways our employees can continue to grow and enhance their marketing skills. Our team learns new techniques and technology through DAA that we can bring to our client campaigns.

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Our Data Visualization & Dashboarding Tools

There are several different kinds of data visualization and dashboarding tools available to use to display your data. Most companies tend to focus around two main platforms: Google Looker Studio and Tableau.

Google Looker Studio is our preferred method of data visualization and dashboarding because of the ease of integration of all the Google products you are already using.

What is Google Looker Studio?

Google Looker Studio is a dashboard and reporting tool that allows users to easily create shareable, customizable, and interactive reports.

You can pull up to 12 different sources, including Google Analytics, into your Google Looker Studio reports. Graphs, widgets, charts, and maps can be used to help visualize your data in custom reports and dashboards.

The tools available within Google Looker Studio allow for businesses to make quicker, more efficient decisions in order to achieve better results.

Tableau vs. Google Looker Studio

What are the differences between Tableau and Google Looker Studio, and why would you pick one over the other? Both are great tools for visualization and dashboarding, so it really just comes down to preference and specific needs.

Google Looker Studio

  • Is a free platform
  • Connects easily with all of the other Google tools and platforms
  • Allows for many data sources to be uploaded
  • Features simple and easy to use charts
  • All online – no self-hosting
  • Share reports directly from the platform


  • A small fee to use- starting at $12/month
  • Self-hosted
  • Allows for many data sources to be uploaded
  • Download reports in order to share

What to Expect with our Data Visualization & Dashboarding Services

When we are first setting up data visualization and dashboarding with a client, there are a number of different items that we must do in order to make sure that you are set up for success. Here is what you can expect from us during this part of our engagement.

In-depth Overview

An initial meeting with your team to discuss your business needs and review your existing visualization and dashboarding.


We will provide your team with recommendations for what exactly your dashboard reporting should entail and showcase.

Product Design

FoundSM will create a dashboard that meets your business needs. We will also provide ongoing consulting to ensure your team understands and interprets the data correctly.


Once a dashboard is created, it is important to continually monitor the data populating the dashboard for accuracy. Our team will help to ensure that all pertinent data is included so correct business decisions can be made.

Report Automation

We can discuss your needs for potential reporting automation so that certain team members can receive reports on a particular time schedule.

Benefits of Data Visualization & Dashboarding

No matter the type of data visualization that you need, we can help you get a handle on all of your data sets and business dashboard demands.

Data Visualization can help organizations:
  • Gain business intelligence
  • Answer questions
  • Customizable reports for all levels of business
  • Provide insights in an easy to understand way
  • Improve and identify key performance
  • Discover unseen data
  • Discover actionable steps
  • Create goals
  • Build formed decisions
  • Tell impactful stories
  • Create KPI dashboards
  • Create analytical dashboards
  • Collaborate across multiple teams
Data Dashboards can help organizations:
  • Easily gather and analyze data
  • Compare your current state to prior years
  • Project and create actionable goals for the future
  • Compare yourself to competitors
  • Identify trends
  • Highlight data to create impactful stories to send to your stakeholders or across multiple teams in an easy to understand, and timely manner

Found Search Marketing Advantage

Your company is collecting and gathering all types of valuable data and, chances are, you aren’t even doing anything with it. The FoundSM team wants to help you collect that data and see what valuable information you can learn about your customers and/or services.

Our specialists can help with everything from the data analysis to the visual dashboarding of that data. Contact our expert analytics team today so we can assess if data visualization and dashboarding is the right tool for your business.

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