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Your Ad Campaigns Need to Have a Strong Foundation

Your paid media campaigns are only as strong as the foundation upon which they are built. The team at FoundSM can help you to define your overall marketing strategy and lay the foundation for your ad accounts. With decades of experience working with leading global brands to build paid media campaigns, FoundSM is confident that we can assist you with every aspect of your account.

What is Your Campaign Infrastructure?

A successful paid media campaign requires more than independent marketing efforts promoting a product or service. Building an ad campaign requires supporting infrastructure – a diverse marketing strategy that encompasses all aspects of the customer’s journey. Infrastructure includes all digital assets used to reach potential customers like an advertiser’s:

Campaign setup requires that you think about all the touchpoints in the marketing funnel, how you will reach your target audience, and how you will turn them from leads into paying customers.

Building an Ad Campaign Infrastructure

Ad campaign infrastructure is often described in terms of a hub and spoke analogy. At the center, the hub is your company. The spokes are different ways that a potential customer finds your company. The main reason that an advertiser fails when building an ad campaign is that they rely on just one or two spokes (channels) to reach their target audience.

For instance, inexperienced marketers will quickly throw together a Google search ad campaign. Or run an ad on Google’s display network. Or post a video on Youtube hoping to get a large number of video views.

They do this without considering how each marketing effort impacts their overall marketing strategy. Moreover, they go all-in with their approach. If that source of business dries up, they have no other channels to rely on for new customers.

How We Build a Campaign Infrastructure

Building an ad campaign requires that an advertiser do the leg work upfront. Prior to the campaign setup, each business goal must be clearly defined. The method for achieving each business goal spelled out. Every type of advertising should be explored.

From there, a diverse marketing strategy should be developed and implemented. Data must be gathered and analyzed on a regular basis, and improvements made along the way. Ad campaign infrastructure must continually evolve to keep pace with shifting marketing strategies.

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