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Increase Your Leads with Custom Landing Pages

Well-designed landing pages that offer superior user experience (UX) are critical components of a successful paid marketing strategy.

Creating landing pages with the user’s experience in mind helps boost conversion rate optimization. The team at FoundSM has decades of experience developing landing pages that convert for all your paid media channels.

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What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and Web Page?

Web pages and landing pages are built for different users. A web page or homepage typically includes top navigation and pages filled with more detailed content for the visitor to read through.

A landing page, on the other hand, focuses on one goal: to convert a visitor. Landing pages are used for media campaigns and include pertinent content and calls to actions to turn your visitors into customers.

Anatomy of a Landing Page

When creating a landing page for a client, the team at FoundSM focuses on each item that draws a user in:

  • A compelling main headline
  • A clear and concise secondary headline
  • Page copy with impeccable grammar
  • Trust indicators, such testimonials, accreditations, privacy policy, etc
  • A strong call to action (CTA) button
  • Relevant images and video

After creating an initial page, FoundSM provides a customized testing strategy to ensure we are continuously improving conversion metrics.

Our Approach to UX & Conversion-Focused Landing Page Design

FoundSM incorporates proven conversion rate optimization strategies and designs for optimal user experience to create high converting landing pages.

Our approach to landing page design consists of:

  • Discovery & Research
  • Develop a Hypothesis
  • Build Variations
  • Run Split (A/B) and multivariate testing
  • Analyze

Landing Page Strategy

FoundSM has decades of experience creating high converting landing pages for clients in many different industries. During that time, we have learned what designs work best for a specific product or service.

Our team will get to know your brand, your goals, and objectives. A UX designer will work with you to develop a compelling visual design that will convert traffic and help you to achieve your goals.

Landing Page Creation

The designers and developers at FoundSM will create a landing page with a user experience design that converts for your paid media channels.

We take into consideration factors like visual design, clear call-to-actions, multi-step forms, dynamic headlines, and social proof elements, among others.

Our team will not only help you to convert more of your website traffic. We will design your landing page with the goal of maximizing your ROI.

Split Testing & Analytics

Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process. Through split test or A/B testing, we ensure that your landing pages continuously drive results.

Through testing, we regularly test important components of your landing pages, such as calls-to-action, visual elements, user experience design, and copy. We then optimize your pages to continue improving your performance.

Our paid media marketing experts ensure that your landing pages are consistent with your brand message. We collect and monitor analytics to access and improve performance across all marketing channels.

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