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Boost Your Brand's Reach With Display Advertising

Display advertising campaigns play an important role in boosting a brand’s reach and recognition. In a banner-rich world, users are continuously exposed to display ads. Ad saturation has made it difficult for advertisers to stand out.

FoundSM is among the best in the industry at implementing and managing advanced display advertising campaigns.

Our comprehensive approach to display advertising focuses on the following:


The goals that you hope to achieve through display advertising. Goals are typically used to increase brand awareness and traffic to a website

Audience Analysis & Targeting

We conduct extensive market research to identify your ideal customers and ensure that your ads reach your target audience.

Advanced Ad Design & Testing

We create high-converting ad creatives for your clients. Our team conducts extensive testing and optimizes your ads to boost your sales.

Marketing Analytics

Our team of advanced marketing analytics professionals constantly gathers and interprets key data points. We optimize campaign performance by implementing data supported improvements to offer you the highest possible return on your investment.

FoundSM has decades of experience working with brands to expand their reach through display campaigns. We take the time to get to know your brand, your goals, and your existing marketing efforts. We implement display campaigns that complement your message and marketing strategies.

Types of Display Ads

One of the reasons that display ads are so effective is that they vary greatly in terms of who they can target and how they are deployed. Some of the more commonly used display ads include:

  • Remarketing ads
  • Personalized ads
  • Contextually targeted ads
  • Site-placed ads
  • Native Ads
  • Programmatic ads

Remarketing & Retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting have quickly become the most common form of display advertising. Remarketing works by helping brands to reconnect with past website visitors. Through repeated exposure, advertisers build brand recognition and convert more leads.

Remarketing ads work by collecting data from users that visit your website. From this data, brands can determine what advertising messages would most likely appeal to specific users. These ads are displayed based on observable user interests.

Personalized Ads

Like remarketing, personalized ads rely on user behavior to target consumers. There are several different forms of personalized ads. These include:

  • In-market ads – These ads can target consumers that are actively searching for products or services similar to the advertiser.
  • Similar audience ads – These ads target consumers that have similar interests to a website’s current visitors.
  • Affinity targeting – Affinity targeting works by showing ads to consumers that have an active interest in the advertiser’s market. For instance, “baseball fans” or “travel enthusiasts”.
  • Custom affinity audiences – These ads are like affinity targeting ads but narrower in scope.

Contextually Targeted Ads

Unlike personalized ads, contextually targeted ads are placed on websites based on an ad’s topic and keywords, language, and location preferences, and browsing histories of recent visitors to a website.

Topic targeting through Google is particularly effective at matching your advertisement to relevant pages on the Google Display Network. Advertisers also have the option to exclude topics that are not related to ads or that are otherwise performing poorly.

Site-Placed Ads

Site-placed ads work by allowing advertisers to pick the specific websites that they want to display their ads on. A more advanced form of site-placed ads incorporates elements of contextual targeting. Advertisers select a website and the search engine can select the best pages for ads to appear on.

Native Ads

Native advertising is a paid ad that matches and has the look and feel of the format in which they appear. These ads are normally found as a piece of recommended content on a website and look like any other story within the website’s framework. What makes them different is that they look less intrusive as a normal ad and don’t stick out from everything else on the page.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Advertising automates the process of buying ad slots in real-time through an automated bidding process that is done through an ad exchange. These ads can appear on websites, streaming devices, TV, video ads, social media, and more. Programmatic ads are a great way to improve advertising efficiency and increase your reach at a lower cost.

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