Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase Website Conversions with UX Testing and CRO

Driving traffic to your website or paid landing pages does not guarantee success. Rather, potential customers must have a good experience as they travel through the entirety of your conversion funnel. An important component is a user-centered design that is tailored to your target audiences’ unique needs and converting them into a customer.

FoundSM helps clients maximize growth by providing conversion rate optimization services and superior user experiences (UX). Our approach to CRO includes the implementation of proven optimization strategies, as well as a reliance on customer insight data and extensive testing.

What is CVR and CRO?

A conversion rate (CVR) refers to the percentage of users who complete the desired action on your page. The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of website visitors and multiplying the result by 100. Some types of conversions are filling out a form, signing up for an email, requesting a quote, purchasing an item or service, etc.

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of enhancing your website with the goal of increasing the percentage of users who convert. CRO leverages data and user research to better understand users’ needs and provide them with a more personalized online experience.

What is UX?

The term user experience, or UX, is an approach to marketing that focuses on developing an understanding of users. For instance, learning what they value and need. By focusing on UX, brands can improve the quality of users’ perceptions and interactions with their products and/or services.

To provide superior user experience, content should be useful, findable, credible, and accessible. Moreover, the website or landing page on which that content appears must be easy to navigate and speak to what the user is searching for.

UX + CRO = The Formula for Designing Great Landing Pages

User experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) are key ingredients to high-performing landing pages. Yet, few advertisers and agencies design landing pages with a focus on both UX and CRO. CRO and UX are distinct but complementary terms.

Both CRO and UX are used to sway users to take the desired action through minimum effort. A user experience design ensures that the landing page is intuitive and consistent with the user’s expectations. An important component of conversion rate optimization is studying the user experience and behavior through experiments, and implementing changes to achieve the desired action.

A UX approach to CRO takes into account the entirety of the user’s journey—a conversion funnel does not live in isolation. At every stage of a conversion funnel must be designed with the user experience in mind. Your webpage’s design, content, forms, and call-to-action all play a role in whether website traffic will convert.

Conversion rate optimization is not just about increasing the number of conversions. Beyond that, a high-performing landing page must maximize your ROI.

The Importance of CRO

Many marketers are focused on increasing website traffic to generate more sales or leads. This volume-based approach is both expensive and highly inefficient. Conversion rate optimization helps brands to get more out of existing traffic and leads. It also lowers acquisition costs, boosts profit margins, and increases the number of highly-qualified leads.

How CRO & Improving UX Drive Growth

Understanding users through extensive user research plays an important role in CRO. User research must focus on understanding their behaviors, needs, motivations, and feedback. Marketers take what they learn and employ CRO strategies to boost user experience and conversion rates. Thus, conversion rate optimization is very much a data-driven approach to boosting performance.

Data is largely collected through customized testing. FoundSM’s approach to testing helps to both identify underperforming website pages and to develop key user insights to discover why pages are performing poorly. Our team leverages industry-leading tools and diverse testing methods to collect and analyze data.

Our team takes what we learn from the testing phase to develop customized and comprehensive CRO strategies. Our UX designers develop a user-centered design that is easy to navigate, includes clear calls-to-action, delivers a focused message that evokes emotion, and follows the trajectory of your conversion funnel. We then test a multitude of designs to identify the optimal visual strategy.

Split Testing & A/B Testing

Split testing also plays an important role in accessing the performance of two entirely different variations of a web page or landing page. The higher-performing page is further analyzed and improved through A/B testing. A/B testing involves making minor changes to improve conversion rates and identify the best iteration of a page.

Conversion rate optimization is an important and ongoing process. Our experienced team continues to collect and analyze data to identify improvements. We continuously conduct user research to understand the changing needs of your target audience to continue to deliver superior user experiences.

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