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Upgrade to the Latest Version of Google Analytics

Whether your organization leverages Google Analytics on a daily basis, or you use Google Analytics as a backup to your Adobe Analytics set up, change is coming to the version of Google Analytics that you’ll be using in 2021.

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to making the transition to Google Analytics 4, starting to collect data, and getting everything set up while utilizing best practices from the onset is important.

We provide Google Analytics 4 implementation services to assist or fully implement and manage this newest version to ensure there are no gaps in your website or app data collection.

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What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is Google’s latest measurement tool that allows the unification of app and web data.

Currently, app data is often captured with Google Analytics for Firebase, while website data is collected through Google Analytics. While this data can be very useful alone, combining the data collection in one set provides the ability to measure data across these platforms without having to manually try to blend this data together.

The metrics and dimensions utilized in GA4 are consistent between your app and website, allowing you to leverage the unified data more easily.

Why is Upgrading to Google Analytics 4 Important?

Even if your organization doesn’t currently have an app, this version of Google Analytics will be replacing the current Universal Analytics property that you have set up right now.

This underlines the importance of adopting this new version ASAP to start collecting data on your new property.

While Google has been making updates to the Google Analytics interface over the past few years, the interface and options within the new interface present some very large differences. Getting your analysts and marketing teams trained in this new platform will be important to hit the ground running when the migration is complete.

Benefits of Using Google Analytics 4

There are several different benefits of using the new Google Analytics 4 tracking code. Here are a few:

  • Combined data between mobile apps and website
  • Better cross-platform journey measurement and visualization
  • Flexible event tracking without coding
  • Built-in enhanced measurement features
  • New analysis and reporting interface
  • Easy to implement via Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics App + Web continues to provide all the features of Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics for Firebase, with these enhancements.

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What to Expect with our Google Analytics 4 Services

When we set up your new Google Analytics 4 property, FoundSM’s process ensures that every aspect utilizes industry best practices from the start. Here is what you can expect from us during this part of our engagement:

Initial Meeting

An initial meeting with your team to discuss your current business objectives and needs from an analytics standpoint.

Account Review

After our initial meeting, we will request access to review the current installation of Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360 on your properties.

Discuss Changes

FoundSM will then discuss with your team any changes to the data or events being captured for the new property.

Develop a Plan

We provide a clear migration plan to ensure your new Google Analytics 4 property is gathering data side-by-side with your current installation.

Implement Plan

We will then implement or help your internal team implement the new property utilizing best practices.

Review Setup

Finally, we will review the new set up with your team and can either hand the reins back over to your internal team, or continue to help manage the account moving forward.

Take advantage of this new feature in Google Analytics by working with the only Google Marketing Platform Partner in the state of Indiana.

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Are you considering implementing Google Analytics 4 soon?

If so, your company is in good hands with our crew of Google Analytics experts. Our team is a Google Marketing Platform Partner, certified in Google Analytics, and ready to help.

Whether you are a team of one or an organization of many, we’re here to help you leverage all the capabilities of this new platform.

We work as an extension of your team to ensure that the tools and data you are utilizing are as clean and reliable as possible, allowing you to make informed decisions for your business.

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