3 Paid Social Strategies to Stop Doing

Improve your Paid Social Media Ads with These Tips

Did you know that the success of your Social Media strategy depends on what you STOP DOING?

Sure, there are many things that you know you should be doing when it comes to social media advertising. You know a Facebook ad campaign needs a mix of videos and images, and to run at least 2 different complimentary campaign types on LinkedIn. You also know you should design ads that fit Snapchat’s style for Snapchat Ad campaigns.

For as many best practices there are for social media advertising, there’s also a lot of things you shouldn’t be doing. Here are three social strategies that you should stop doing now!

Social Media Advertising Tips

Stop cutting your primary text short on Facebook to fit the recommended character limits.

Facebook character limits are actually only recommendations. If your text is longer than the recommended length, the viewer will simply have to click “See More” to keep reading. If you feel your Facebook ad would benefit from a longer description, do not be afraid to test it. Just be sure that the beginning of your ad is engaging enough to make the user want to keep reading.

A good rule of thumb for Facebook ads is to include all of the pertinent information in as few characters as possible. For some brands, this may fit into the character recommendations, but for many others, it will not.

Stop using only lookalike audiences.

Lookalike audiences can be a great asset for many brands, but it is important to also be testing audiences that use interests and demographics instead of an uploaded customer list. With the increase in data privacy laws, such as the GDPA and CCPA, it is getting harder to share information like customer lists with advertising platforms.

Additionally, social media platforms have put together comprehensive lists of demographics and interests to help you reach your target audience without an uploaded list. By testing different interests and demographics, you may find an audience that works as well as or better than your lookalike audience.

Stop sticking to what’s working and never testing anything new.

Social media is all about keeping up with the latest trends. Although it is tempting to not mess with what is working, using the same creative, audience, messaging, ad formats, etc., and not testing anything new will create ad fatigue and lower engagement rates.

You should always be on the lookout for opportunities to be innovative in your social advertising. Follow the trends and participate in as many of them as possible. This will help your company to remain relevant to your audience and can lead to increased engagement with both your content and brand.

What you aren’t doing with your advertising is just as important as what you are doing! Although these tips may not apply to every company, they are good to keep in mind as your brand and social advertising strategies evolve. As 2020 has certainly shown us, what works today may not work tomorrow!

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Logan Hartman
Logan Hartman is a Paid Media Specialist with FoundSM. After co-writing a published research paper on consumer behavior, Logan joined our paid media team. She specializes in paid social services for our higher education and home services clients and works closely with our creative team.