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We’re a quirky team of highly-skilled, experienced digital marketers focused on engineering strategies that move your sales needle forward. Our passion for driving customer acquisition and growth for your business is as strong as our morning cup o’ joe. FoundSM is based in Indianapolis with a second office in Nashville, but we have clients and employees located around the world.

Short-term Wins, Long-Term Goals

We’re extremely results-oriented, and we like to see those results quickly. Our team will help you identify some short term wins (the proverbial low-hanging fruit) to kick-start our efforts while we lay the foundation for reaching your long term goals. At FoundSM, we’re as dedicated to the success of your business as you are.

Always Learning.

Even though our knowledge is deep and our collective experience is vast, we like to approach every new challenge with an open mind. We bring career honed intuition to the table, along with the openness to learn and adapt to non-stop changes in technology and the ever-evolving consumer base.

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Found Search Marketing has a long track record of success with a long list of happy clients who love to refer us business, which we believe is the ultimate measure of credibility and expertise. Basically, we know our stuff, and the companies we work with think so, too.