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Google Analytics Campaign Tracking

For our team of digital marketers, deploying and testing custom campaigns is second nature.

This means collecting campaign data within Google Analytics, assigning unique UTM campaign codes to different channels and campaigns, and testing different variables in ad copy and landing pages.

Without the appropriate campaign tracking methods, testing results are not reliable – you have to track each and every variable accurately to generate data and insights to make your marketing efforts more effective.

Get Data-Driven Results from a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner

FoundSM is a data-driven digital marketing agency that is certified as a Google Marketing Platform Partner. Our team of data and analytics consultants is certified by Google in Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio. We are ready to help your marketing team to get the most out of the data you are collecting.

Google Marketing Platform Cert

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

The data you generate in your marketing campaign with correct tagging is essential for helping you make informed decisions about your business.

Whether you’re tracking the total volume of link clicks created by an ad or focusing on your number of sales per ad, these performance metrics can help maximize your ROI.

For digital ad campaigns, frequent data analysis and subsequent adjustments are key for helping achieve the desired outcome.

By appropriately leveraging Google’s campaign URL tagging and tracking functionality, you can unlock the marketing insights needed to improve your campaign performance.

Types of Campaigns in Google Analytics

By using campaign tracking and tagging features, you can measure everything from marketing sources to specific ad sets. Some things you can measure include:

By breaking down your digital marketing performance, granular data can help you focus your budget in areas that are performing best and optimize your marketing mix based on that data. 

FoundSM is proud to be a corporate member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). The DAA is a 5,500+ member organization focused on making the digital world better through the use of data.

As a data-driven organization, FoundSM is constantly looking at ways our employees can continue to grow and enhance their marketing skills. Our team learns new techniques and technology through DAA that we can bring to our client campaigns.

Signs of Ineffective Campaign Tracking

For digital marketing teams, poor campaign tagging can be just as damaging as not tracking it at all. These common errors can be a huge hurdle to your campaign efficiencies:

  • Not separating PPC & organic social campaigns.
  • Being inconsistent with case formatting or naming conventions.
  • Tracking internal links using UTM parameters.
  • Not utilizing the mandatory utm_source campaign parameter.
  • Not testing tagged links before using them.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Many of these can occur when there are multiple teams or agencies running campaigns on your behalf that are not coordinating or have different levels of experience running campaigns.

Negative campaign tagging and tracking practices can lead to inaccurate and messy data across your site analytics.

If these issues are present in your digital marketing analytics, gaining clarity and insights will be an uphill battle. Contact us for help setting your Google Analytics campaign tracking straight.

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